About me

I'm enthusiastic about digital products, which we all like to use and enjoy. I'm interested in all aspects of product design, such as human factors, research, strategy and good interaction design with the aim to bring a little more joy into the online world. 

I currently work as a Senior Product Designer at XING, trying to connect people in their professional business lives. Previously, I worked as a User Experience Designer, Usability Engineer and Consultant for companies such as Immowelt/Immonet, ppi Media and various publishing houses around the globe.

My way into UX

Mid of the 90ies I wanted to enter the field of design, because it was my passion. Unfortunately UX was not really a thing I knew and the field of graphic design - which I loved - was complicated. So I went into the field of media economy and engineering (because I was good at this) and after almost 10 years I slowly entered back into the field I love doing. The good thing is, nowadays I benefit enormously from understanding the business and engineering world in detail. I see this as my unique strength, which empowers me to bring business and design together.

How I like to work

The top priority for me is working with an awesome team to create these delightful experiences. I'm very well aware that I'm just one piece of the puzzle and the magic happens, when diverse, motivated and talented people come together and create awesomeness.

My second priority is the product or service I'm designing for. Good user experiences and exceptional products need each other. So I like to treat the product as if it's my own, because then it becomes the thing like to work on and in the end, work does not feel like work.

A good design process, collaboration and an agile mindset are also very important to my way of working. I appreciate the iterative approach to product design and focus on user centricity and impact.

And yes, I know all the buzzwords and recipes of our industry like Design Thinking, Design Sprint, Lean (Startup), Agile, Scrum/Kanban, MVP, Product Strategy, User Centricity, Design Critique, etc. The key is to know when to use what recipe to get to the desired outcome.

Things I enjoy doing

  • Speaking - I started to share my stories on local Meetups and UX events.

  • Writing - This year I got into writing about my UX practice on Medium.

  • Volunteer - Together with an awesome team I volunteer on the yearly "UX Camp Hamburg" Barcamp. I'd love to meet you on our next event. Check out the website

  • „Jugend hackt“ Mentor - A bunch of kids come together for a weekend and hack awesome tech to make the world a better place. Mentoring these kids in UX know how is so much fun. Check out the website

Want to work with me?