Writing about UX

I just started writing about UX on Medium, but I hope there will be some cool stuff coming...

Looking for lean UX processes? Change your environment!

Learning what slows us down to help speed us up.

Preparing Initiatives

Would you bet your money on it?

Starting Together

Harnessing the team’s creativity and motivation.

Fixed time, variable scope

A setup where you have to collaborate to make progress.

Introducing Design Critiques to large UX organizations

Lessons learned via experimentation and a will to be excellent

The best podcasts for UX designer and researcher (lang. DE)

A co-author blog post about my favorite UX and product podcasts.

Speaking about UX

I learned so much by attending meetups and conferences. So, I'm also sharing my stories and lessons learned.

Slides can be found on my Speakerdeck page.

Design Critique

A talk about how to discuss design with critique. (lang: EN, DE)